We believe that executive learning in the Nordic countries is all about getting first hand experiences combined with authentic encounters with locals and opportunities to learn from other successful professionals.

We have a large local network in the region and in-depth knowledge of the Nordic strongholds and we can open the door to a faculty of experienced business professionals and leading academic experts in many different sectors.


Tailor made solutions

Our concept is designed so your group can get the full Nordic Experience, but still have the flexibility to choose between the elements that best support your arrangement and goals. Each element from preparation to logistics and program content and facilitation play a key role in the learning process.


program Content

We provide high-level visits, knowledgeable, honest and dynamic speakers and close up cultural encounters. We take you on a deep dive into relevant topics such as sustainability, design, architecture, creativity, technology, innovation, e-governance and Nordic leadership principles. We tailor-make theme based seminars, company visits, lectures, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and workshops, as well as backstage encounters.



Facilitation of the information and experiences is a key factor in the learning process. To elevate the learning, our experienced facilitators help participants digest and understand the context through reflection exercises and wrap ups on the road. We think facilitation is important in order to move towards a deeper understanding of the Nordic regions.

Read more about our Facilitators here.



Travel logistics

We only use tested and highly service-minded hotels that can accommodate business travelers in an efficient way. Our handpicked selection include business hotels at great locations with the necessary commodities. We know that a hotel needs to be a comfortable stay that provides convenience when you need to recharge.



Before you go to the Nordic regions, we offer to walk through the program, we provide elaborate seminars that include presentation of relevant topics by experienced professionals and Nordic experts. To allow participants to start the learning process before departure and get more value of the program in the Nordic regions, we also include casework, panel discussions and workshops into the seminars.