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Nordic Experience is a full-service consultancy company that works closely with leading universities, business schools, companies and organizations.

We are passionate about moving people by sharing experience and knowledge about the Nordic way of life, sustainable business and facilitate cultural understanding between China and the Nordics. Together, we develop tailored executive learning programs with a unique hands-on approach to secure valuable insights and an unforgettable learning experience.

At Nordic Experience we are your guarantor for unique learning and inspiration and strong facilitation in your context.

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CEO - Peter Lisbygd

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“We had very thoughtful receiving services and well-organized arrangements. We were able to understand the unique innovation and technology companies, as well as enjoy special and delicious Danish seafood. Furthermore, we had a great experience in a beautiful castle. I'm very satisfied with this well-planned trip.”

Fang Mandi, President
Chinatrans Co., LtD.

“To truly understand the extraordinary Danish spirit, I strongly recommend Nordic Experience. During the trip the most impressive element for me was the visit to the Danish Parliament. Nordic Experience invited one of the members of the parliament, Erik Christensen, to analyze the Danish system, which let us to understand the political structures and possibilities really well.”

Chen Chin-chi, Senior VP
Cathay Financial Holdings


“The study tour in Denmark was excellent and very rewarding. From learning theories at the Copenhagen Business School to visiting well-renowned companies, and further on to the team-building on the sea. And of course, I will never forget the oyster safari. All of these shows the exceptional considerations and cares of Nordic Experience to our EMBA students of Peking University.”

Wang Xianghui, President
Beijing Joins Co., Ltd.

“The service performed by Nordic Experience was one of the most important aspects of making the trip in Denmark with Guanghua School of Management successful. The experience was combined of excellent networking opportunities, facilitation by the Nordic Experience team including the brilliant journalist Christina Boutrup and an exciting content about Danish-Chinese relations, society, work-life balance and lifestyle.”

Lü Jin, Executive Director
Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., Ltd.



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